Monday, May 4, 2009


Here's another story of interest - pit bull puppies seized in Elkhart Indiana. From what is reported, it sounds reasonable that the pups were seized, especially since the person was given a prior warning. But what bothers me is this quote:
"I mean you wouldn't keep your children in a situation like this, and animals deserve the same quality of life that we as humans [do], and they are looking to us for that quality of life,” said Anne Reel of the Humane Society.
I don't entirely disagree, but I try to be critical when people use the parenting analogy for human-animal relationships. I think it's useful in some respects, since (hopefully) we don't take children from their homes without a serious assessment, or euthanize them. But are human standards always appropriate for animals? And should it be the new legal standard of care?! Anne Reel isn't even limiting this to just dogs or companion animals, but animals, period. So I guess my donkeys will each be needing their own bedroom soon.


  1. "But are human standards always appropriate for animals?"

    No, if I had children they'd be working for their dinners unlike my dogs who make me for their dinners.

    Alright, I'm kidding. I wouldn't put my kids to work until they were at least 12.

  2. Word! I was just thinking of adopting some children so they could help me with the housework.